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My days of bliss were so short lived, so far away I almost forget
what it was like to feel alright; when no one dare invade what was solely mine
and despite what I may wish, the battle has been lost
yet even after all these years my own war rages on

I wasn’t born this cold, it was you who made me so
reconditioned me to let resentment grow
I’m still unable to look up to the light
my gaze fixed on the ground, eyes blinded from that night

unable to share any pain that I felt, I soon was consumed by what inside me dwelt
new demons woke with each scream I supressed
a silence so sharp it tore through my innocence
an unfair exchange was made for me and every day those demons force back the memories

they’ve never let me heal the pain
every stitch i’ve formed they’ve ripped away
with no escape from the torment                                                                                                                                                                               I’m left to suffocate under the weight of that moment


Posted December 30, 2010 by Arienette in Uncategorized

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